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November 22, 2007



I love you, Leigh. You're perfect in my eyes and in God's. Don't ever forget that!


Any relationship should be 50/50 over time; don't beat yourself up because it isn't 100/0.

If the deer don't eat all my garden again next year, I can have Thanksgiving at my house and all the veggies on the table will be from my garden. And, when I make a squash pie, I really make it from scratch!!!

Take care.

Strawberry Lane

What a great photo of you!

By the way, about your going out for Thanksgiving... clever girl!

I'm still clearing up things ... probably tomorrow, too.
Hummm, maybe next year a nice little restaurant.

Todd Chrisman

Construction projects like the one you are undertaking are hard on relationships. My father told me he put 80% into their marriage, which was quite offensive because mom was the other part. He then said she put in 80% too. There's so much that each person has to contribute that doesn't even get noticed. I just got married in June and I'm finding the wisdom in that conversation maybe 20-25 years ago.

Horses are hell on finances. It breaks my heart when Amanda complains we can't afford ANYTHING nice, when her horse habit costs us a monthly fur coat, or quarterly diamond jewelry. The time is tough too, when she complains we don't spend enough time together or getting projects done, and she spent 6-10 hours at the barn that week.


Thanks Pam! I love you to!

I hope the stress level eases up next year to where I can do some vegie growing! Then I'll be able to find out if dog pee works as well as coyote pee as a deer deterant. I still say you should have me bring them by once a week or so to pee all over shiney spinny tape fencing. I'm gonna be asking for that recipe next year Margaret.

Thanks Marvel, I wish I'd posted a photo of Mable Grace too. I haven't digitized any yet.

Hi Todd! Your father is a wise man. I wish we each had 20% of our energy and time to put into a relationship. But I guess after 23 years you sort of understand that it isn't going anywhere and you've become too good friends to do anything really drastic and putting it on the shelf to get the work done, pretty much works for the time being. But, This project is stressful, we both over react to things at times due to being stretched so thin. We have a shared dream here on the hill--even though it is about two people doing rather distinctly different things on said hill, hhmm I guess it only makes sense that there would be occasionally bad feelings around the calls to over-lap duties. I think you've given me a little dose of needed perspective. Thanks. Oh and "horses" is a sickness! Deep down me and Amanda know you guys are keepers just because you put up with it! GOSH we say the silliest things sometimes don't we: "Nice stuff & Horses"? If ever you find a really nice way to say "how about coming back to reality and noticing that it's sort of an "or" situation honey". There are hundreds of horse husbands who would consider you a hero.


Dog pee should work. When Grizz was still here the deer were about 5% of the problem they were this year.

Raychelly Pooh

Mother Dearest,
I noticed this Libby stuff you speak of on turkey day, little things like not being able to interrupt a simple card game with any of that feeling or living in the moment stuff. I see myself in your shoes now, looking like the one who is easily distracted and not focusing on this extremely important penny a point uno, i kept thinking to myself.. "helloo life is going on here!"
like my little second cousin Savion's adorable questions and great playful suggestions.

I actually found myself thanking the world for so many things on this thanksgiving. I would love to share these things with you each year regardless of where we may be. Can I be your thankful family member on thanksgiving? I miss you so much.

You are going to be going to dinner with myself and my new friend the tent maker, it is unfair to keep him from such a powerful presence any longer.

I love you and miss you and want nothing more than your own happiness.


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