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New Thoroughbred Re-Training Facility


Look at the happy retrained racehorses and the smiling faces of their owners and care givers!

An article was posted recently at on line magazine. It contains several useful tips for potential off the Track (OTT)Thoroughbred owners. The tips come from Wood End farms in Ill. They are a relatively new facility dedicated to not only retraining the OTT Thoroughbreds but are equipped to rehab injured horses as well. They are a non profit that also offers many quality services for pay to fund the OTT retraining /rehab portion of the business. I really enjoyed this video of a horse swimming for the first time. They mentioned the fact that thoroughbreds are very active and need more stimulation than some quieter breeds. They really benefit from having a consistent job to do. They eat a very high protein grain diet during racing and need to be gradually introduced to pasture grass and less rich grain feed. They often need a "letting down" period to adjust to the quiet life of most farm settings and physically relax from working so hard.

Off the track thoroughbreds have special needs due to the unique ways that they are trained and unfortunately to the fact that a lot of stress is put on their legs at an early age and continually during their racing careers.

I have a thing for thoroughbreds as some of you know (and some of you consider a bad habit that I am trying to break) I do not own one --although I discovered the "Anglo" in my Lucy's Anglo Arab breeding means there is some of the blood stirring under her skin. I used to own a Secretariat Grandson named Time Keeper . He is much happier giving dressage lessons than he was trail riding with me unfortunately.

While I'm at it; Allnetjoesm Check out the OTT's available for adoption at Canter New England. There are some cuties:



These two are 3 and 4 year olds, the bay I think they say never raced.Gingersnap2

This one is 18 and is shown here at a hunter pace with her foster mom's 14 year old daughter:Chp206_07_146

I used to be very addicted to this sight and almost became a foster mom a couple of years ago. With Lucy now and money so tight I don't get tempted. But I sure would love to see these beauties find good homes. So, pass on the word please.



This looks like a great place. I think more OTT horses would do better given an off the track start with this kind of experience than new owners who don't really understand what they've gotten themselves in for.

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