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March 01, 2008



Oh my goodness. So much snow!


I think Sparticus looks contrite.

Still no pictures of the driveway!!!!

I can't see out of some of my windows without standing up. After the snow comes off my steel roof from this storm standing up might not even help!


It looks like a winter wonderland. I have never seen snow like it. We have just started auntumn and I am glad it doesn't snow like that here!


So, what's this about a wild bucking pony? You didn't have enough with Suchin? *g*


This Bucking Pony is a boarder-NOT MINE. I did have enough! but these troubled souls sure can get under your skin can't they? This Blog is taking forever to load again isn't it?

Lots of snow indeed and It is lovely to look at--especially this week as it is melting under temps in the 40s and some rain coming!

I took a couple of pics of the driveway for you Margaret. I'll get them up maybe tonight. First, I have to post on my Birthday Breakfast that Raychell treated me to, and show you pictures of her new man--he's a cutie.


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