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May 11, 2008



Wow! It looks like Lucy is really enjoying that roll. lol

Tamara of In the Night Farm

Hi Edna -- how're you liking that bitless bridle? Aaruba is still going really well in his. I found that I could reduce his head-tossing behavior dramatically by loostening the noseband (which the instructions say should be very tight) one hole. Go figure...


Did he only shake his head when you added pressure to one side to direct a turn? That was what felt odd to Lucy, and it was such a mild- almost shake. I did not tighen the nose band as tight as "tight", I think. I think if I loosen it it will shift under pressure (?) I will take a picture tonight and you can comment.

Tamara of In the Night Farm

No, Aaruba's head-tossing wasn't in response to tightening of either one or both reins. He responds quite well to those actions. Rather, he would just bob his muzzle up and down while trotting along, regardless of the amount of contact.

I don't ride with the noseband loose, even now -- that would be dangerous. I just don't pull it as tight as I can. I can put one finger under it (between the noseband and the bone atop his muzzle).

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