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May 30, 2008



After cutting off the tip of the syringe, use a nail file to file it smooth.

I'm glad you learned about cinnamon. I used it mixed straight with SMZ, no mayonnaise, and it worked well. I'll probably try the mayonnaise next time although we did fine without it. Not that there will be a next time. *g*

barbara jurich

wow! mayonnaise? i never would have thought of that and it works so well!


This has got to be the best advise I have ever found on the internet. I was so stressing over getting so many pills down my mare. I used too much water the first time but then cut back to the perfect mix.


We've just dissolve the tablets in the buckets in a tiny amount of water, toss their "goodies" ration on top (1-3 cups of Senior/rice bran pellets/whatever) then swirled it around till all the pellets are damp. Our horses aren't normally grained heavily, so they aren't about to waste time wondering about a slightly odd taste. Usually even if they make a funny face the first bite of the first treatement they decide it's OK and finish it off pretty quickly. Much easier than syringes, especially if you end up with something going through the whole stables and you are treating 6-7 horses at a time.
Along the same lines, the best Bute treatement I've seen is mixing the crushed bute with Oreo filling, putting it back between the cookie halves, then offering the whole thing to the horse. Might not work with REALLY picky horses, and I'd kind of be inclined to use the "golden" oreos or similar, but I think the "cream filling" coats the powder & disguises the taste a fair bit. Make sure you don't make these ahead and leave them around unmarked, lest you accidently "bute" your human friends.

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