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June 22, 2008



Boy you said it - I feel the same way (but I've got 10 pounds on you) and my horses are gonna be my inspiration as I'm so out of shape riding would be torture for both of us! Lucy looks great how's the bitless bridle working for you?

gettin' old sucks but it sure beats the alternative. :)


Remember - the camera adds 10 lbs. You don't look that big in person.

And Lucy looks great.


The bitless is working well now that I have raised the nose band nearly 2 inches higher on Lucy face than was recommended with the instructions. She was so overly sensitive with the bit. I get much less bracing with the bitless.
Now I need to find a girth she likes. She gets tender from the rolled leather contured. Any suggestions?

Thanks Margaret! I owe you another bottle of wine!


Maybe I should try a bitless on Promise. I think it would be awhile before I would use it in a group situation - maybe when he's about 45!


I have always had good luck with neoprene girths.

Nuzzling Muzzles

I know exactly where you are at. I'm not concientious of mirrors myself, but when I see a photograph, I freak! I went to a stable with some friends, and they brought out a huge horse for me. I was a bit offended. My friend sent me pictures from the trail ride and I was shocked. I had no idea how big I had gotten. I practically dwarfed the horse. I've lost quite a bit of weight since then, and that picture was my inspiration.

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