My New Red Pony
Very Wet and Muddy and Chilly

Pretty Pony, Free To Good Home

Welsh / Morgan Mare 13.2 hands. Has a history of Bucking.


Bonnief Bonniec

Giving away a pony is hard work. I didn't expect so many responses in the first 24 hours the ad came out. I didn't know there were so many people out there with the special talent of retraining bucking. This is serious "your coming off right NOW" bucking, and she can do it to.

In this economy with so many mostly nice, less likely to buck you off, free horses out there, I didn't expect such interest.

Thanks Pam for bringing to my attention that some folks could be just looking for some quick cash from the kill buyers.

A nice breeding farm down east almost took her as an addition to their Welsh line. That fell through quite coincidentally after I asked for references, after they said they were coming for her Sunday.  Yes there is always a risk that a new pony won't fit in to a large herd, especially when she's an alpha. They forgot to think about that earlier in the conversation it seems. They did send the references, but I'm too busy checking references for interested parties--seemed silly.

Now I'm back to my list of names. Just got a list of references from a gal up northern Maine way. Come to think of it they are all up that way. Hay is cheaper up there and the grazing is more easy to come by summers. But she neglected to tell me her last name, and I neglected to ask for it, so I'm waiting for that bit of info before I start calling.

Bonnies owner can't afford to keep a horse she can't use. I can't either.

Can you do me a favor? Send out "find good home for Bonnie " vibes please.



Todd Chrisman

I had an odd dream the other night that I became a renowned pony breeder. I started with a Morgan mare and crossed her to German riding ponies.

Good luck with finding a soft landing for her.


I don't envy you this one. She's cute but you're right to be leery in this market as there are allot of nice ride-able horses out there. Maybe driving would be her niche she looks well put together.


was just wondering were wud u like to re home her???

Edna leigh

Hi Charlene,
I should have been on the ball and let folks know that Miss Bucking Bonnita found a new home in August with a nice family in Mid Maine.
Thanks for stopping by!


is she still available?


is she still available? im interested :)

Natalie Acosta daughter is looking for a horse shes always wanted one i am very interested! its just that im not that wealthy so i cant really afford boarding so i need can you board a horse without being daughters trainer is #1 in the nation and im not joking! she charges $700 a month.. does anybody have advice???


I have no idea where you are located Natalie, but there are usually a variety of boarding facilities in any given area. Ask your daughters instructor if she knows of a good place where you could board that maybe gives excellent care but has much fewer amenities, and would charge considerably less. These places are often available within an easy trailer commute from a training barn. You would not be competing against your daughters trainer by supporting a "different" sort of facility. You should not feel embarrassed to ask. Many people have to board at facilities with perhaps only rough board with run-in sheds in order to be able to afford to continue with the level of training desired. Your instructor should support you in this. He / she is creating a way to keep a student they might otherwise lose. best of luck to you Natalie. Thanks for stopping by the RPF blog! Let us know how it goes.
PS. The pony in this post has been placed.

Natalie Acosta

well thank you Ell i think your advice might work... and thanks for the update about the pony il keep looking,right now were leasing Sienna Rose. but my daughter still wants a horse.... thank you Ell!

Annette Paquette

I am looking for a pony (gelding) that would be a great pasture partner for my Quarter horse. I would like him to be a gentle little man that would love to tak long walks with my 10 year old son. We live in the country I have two goats and rabbits and dogs and cats We love our animals and spoil them. I want to have a pony for my horse sweetie to have a companion. if you can or if anyone knows of a horse that would be a good fit please contact me I have great references and it would be a forever home.
Annette Paquette


I am looking for a gelding pony about 8-11 yrs old kid friendly for sure. My kids have sat on horses but I am not comfortable to let them ride alone yet. We have one horse right now and looking for something to be just the kids. Does anyone know how I can find the perfect pony for them? Jessica from Oklahoma


Hi Jessica,
The best advice will come from your childs riding instructor or close horseperson-type friend. If you have tried this and gotten no where move on to local 4H groups and Pony Clubs. Also visit a facility where lots of children are in a lesson prgram. try a www search for riding lessons for children.Best of luck to you.

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