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September 06, 2008



Hi! You should definitely stick with either Renegades or EasyCare boots for endurance riding - the others are more suited for less intense type of riding. ;) I just started a new blog, which will probably be sparse for awhile. Happy riding! Karen


OH BOY! Oh BOY! One of my most favorite people on the world wide web! Hellooo Karen! and SO excited to know you are back!! I'll get right over to the new site and drink it all in!!

Thanks for the advice too! I will heed it, as I know it is the voice of someone who has been there done that.


I use EasyBoot Epics on the front and Simple Boots on the hind (better fit with dropped suspensories). My girl overreaches at the gallop though (especially with boots on), and has ripped two Epics clear off. I have been thinking of trying the Renegades on the front -- I'm just hesitant to spend even more money.


Hello and welcome "dangerous penguin". There's got to be a story there in that name! I'll have to spend some time on your blog and see if I can find it out. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
I haven't heard of simple boots. I'll have to look them up. I once used bell boot over easy boots on a mare that knocked them off with over reaching. It worked. I no longer ride that mare though and her owner went to old macs as she doesn't ride as hard as I do.

White Horse Pilgrim

I've been using Old Mac G2 boots for a couple of months quite successfully. They are straightforward to fit, however my horse does have nice round front feet with a good angle to them. He takes the largest size of boot, though he is only a 15.2 hand 1,300lb horse, so they won't be any use for larger draught types. I've not managed to lose one in mud yet, and riding for 5-6 hours in a day doesn't cause rubs or other ill effect. I do always use the gaiters that come with the boots, as I suspect that without gaiters they would rub the heel bulbs.

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