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April 14, 2009



Ohhhh, she's adorable! But she'll probably be very tasty... and you'll know she had a wonderful life. One day I'll have land and chickens and a hog or a steer... I'm jealous!


nope, I am adopting her... she will be mine and I will not eat her. I am in love.


The centerpiece of many an RPF dinner is not up for adoption. Anyway Raychelley-poo, Board on that pet would be more than your car payment.


She's so sweet
Jen & Dave


She will live at my house and share the backyard with Charlene the groundhog. :) and they will live happily ever after.

Strawberry Lane

We have room. She'll be safe and secure ... we're vegetarians.

I'm still in hysterics over her mother being named "Holy". That really is just too clever.


She is just too cute! Don't eat her. She'll just grow on you and at the very last minute, she will speak to you and say, "Dont eat meeeeee...." lol

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