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April 25, 2009



This is all pre-dated many years to the federal governments of USA and Canada , but the research to save lives has been suppressed/blacklisted in order to cover up fraud by the University of Waterloo/RIM (black berry) even though a former US Surgeon General has regretted my treatment and Noam Chomsky, (Kyoto prize winner) ,plus others consider my theories to be of phenomenal importance to mankind. See www.cancerfraudbadbiotech.com and read the RED Section plus from the menu SARS/Mass Extinction to understand how pollution and Global Warming are causing new diseases to appear. If we do not act now , then in 50 years man may be extinct. It doesn't have to happen , but has anyone acted. Authorities thought they could simply plagiarize my research and that would be good enough, OK, where are the new wonder vaccines and drugs the authorities at the press conferences are telling you about? Non-existent because they don't understand.See the email to Dr. Faucci about new ideas; did he get back to me? No. Why not? Is that good enough for you?it is your life and family's we are talking about. See the old research proposals sent to Merck, Pfizer,the Gates foundation and their replies; were they asked not to fund in order to cover up the fraud.Does that advance the public safety? New material is being prepared for Pres. Obama, it would be nice if the public would ask him to address it. Thank you. Edward A.Greenhalgh

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