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July 23, 2009


White Horse Pilgrim

Living in a country with good state-provided health care, I am grateful for it. Overall, I pay a smaller percentage of my income for health care than an insured American, and I don't have to worry that I won't receive care if I fall on hard times. Nor do I ever hear stories about friends or colleagues who are unable to receive the care that they need because of financial constraints.

It's not a perfect system over here, but it is a good safety net that meets the needs of almost everyone, and one which provides a quite acceptable standard of care. Personnel generally are there because of vocation rather than simply to make money. Few people abuse the system. It does not feel "socialist" according to negative associations of the word (I did experience the Soviet Bloc states pre-89) nor wasteful.


When I lived in England and had 2 babies there, I was so impressed with the health care I received from the British system. They were light years ahead in preventative care. I had my baby in the hospital, then went to an after care clinic where you could stay for up to 7 days and they taught you how to feed, bathe and care for your baby. Then at home, a health care nurse came to visit once a week to check on how things were going. It was wonderful and 27 years ago! They finally started doing things like that in the states a few years ago! I have relatives in Canada and they have no complaints either, so I don't know where all the negative stuff comes from. We should not go bankrupt because we get sick. A friend of mine is going through that right now. It will cost her all of her husband's savings, retirement and her inheratence from her parents (what's his is his and what's hers is his) before the state will step in and help. She may save the house. He will waste away over time and eventually die, the nursing home is $8,000.00/month. They worked and saved their whole lives for what they have. He got sick too young, early fifties. They did everything right and are losing everything.

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