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September 16, 2009


Todd Chrisman

I heard a news report that said that a large part of the problem is a new state law. We can't use the money we get from jailing inmates from other counties for anything but the jail budget. It seemed to imply that the jail's coffers runneth over while our deputies and district attorney's office were cut (but did not actually say that).

If that is the case, it seems like we have a well-intentioned law causing some unforeseen circumstances. It also seems that a little tweak in Augusta could solve a lot of problems. If we needed broader support we could get other counties to apply pressure simply by not jailing any extra inmates that aren't needed to balance the jail's budget. Imagine the outrage in another county when they find out that criminals are being released because there is no room to jail them.

With the cuts in the sheriff's department and the prosecutor's office, it seems to be a good time to be a criminal in York County. In particular, non-violent property crimes won't get you arrested, and if you do get arrested, you will likely not be prosecuted.

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