Another All Rain Nor' Easter
Versatility Trail Challenge

Pine Point Scarborough Maine

This weather has to be breaking some record or other at this point. Seventy degrees F,  plus in some places.

We took some horses to the beach today. Paid 10.00 for a pass that is good from Labor day 2009 - Memorial day 2010. We packed a camera and plastic bags to scoop up poop should it happen. There were 9 trailers in the parking lot and lots of cars coming and going. The non horsey people were great and even those who are not interested to see the horses were courteous to them and us.

It was Hot Spots first trip to the beach (since he's been with us anyway) and Raychell's first beach riding experience. Linda and Annie had been once or maybe twice before. Both horses did really well with all the people and dogs and kids with balls and assorted brightly colored gadgets. No kites today or wind surfers.

We managed to get the horses to allow the edge of waves to wash over their feet while leading them--but the bravery did not hold up after we were mounted and there was no one to go first. Maybe next time.

Linda Annie
Dune grass grayscale
Me Raychell
Otherhorses too
Raychell Spot 4 grayscale
Horse layers
Lindas rig
Spot Head Grayscale
Me Linda
Drink break
Linda Annie 5 grayscale
Toward OOB
Raychell Spot 2
Annie eye

 Me Linda 2

Friends grayscale
Poop pick up 2
Spot was very curious to see me pick up his poop with a plastic bag.

Raychell spot 3 Break



Beautiful photos! And what a gorgeous day!


Your photos made me smile. Looks like it was a great time. I hope to enjoy a ride like that myself someday.



hat an aful lot of fun that looks like - brings back memories of summer camp and taking the horses to the beach - a couple of them liked to swim which is a very weird feeling


Nice Shots!! best wishes

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