Versatility Trail Challenge at Piper Ridge Farm
A long Time Coming

Quick Update

Avalanche (the new puppy) is growing! He s almost 7 months old now.

Av and Alex B

He's great with Baby Alex my youngest grandson.

Av 6 months one week

I'm going through a tough divorce after 26 years of marriage. I will be leaving the little hill I suspect though details have not yet been worked out.

The horses have been very healthy and happy since our Strangles troubles this Spring. So not much to tell there. I have ridden a handfull of times this year. Training has been sadly neglected. I'm in hopes that 2011 will see me back on my feet with more to talk about and energy for new topics. Take care faithful readers and new friends. I'll try to do a better job and updating comments.



Sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time right now. You will be in my thoughts.

Thanks so much for the update was wondering how you were doing.

The puppy as grown all right. He is absoluely huge and I suspect will be bigger still. I love that he is so good with the kids and tolerates being laid on. Very cool!

Strawberry Lane

Life takes courage! Catching up with you I'm sorry to see this news. I'm eager to read your next chapters ... to see how things work out.
Being gone for 3 years, I'm finding how life deals real challenges.

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