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September 11, 2011


Nuzzling Muzzles

So sorry it's been a difficult year for you too. I see that you are counting your blessings. I'm glad you were able to keep the animals. I've seen a lot of animals go to new homes during divorces. It's got to be so hard to have to change everything when you weren't exactly planning to change things. I suspect a lot of divorce survivors experience Post Traumatic Stress, which is a medical term usually associated with war survivors. Having an old car that still runs is no small feat. My 10-year-old truck hasn't let me down, but there are now reports of the gas tank rusting out, falling off and exploding, so I looked under the chassis and saw that everything under there is rusted out. It looks like the entire floor of my truck and everything underneath is about to fall off, so I'm hoping to be able to buy a replacement truck before that happens. I'm always amazed when someone can hold down a job while going through a divorce. I'm sure you want to just crawl under the covers, but I think having a job probably helps to get you from day to day just because it is a routine you understand.


This might sound weird, but congratulations! Good luck getting that new property and keeping your beloved animals. It'll only get better from here.


just read your post on seperation anxiety in horses my silly new mare just injured her self having a frantic because i took her friend out for a walk i shall use these tools and hopefully she will not be a nutter lets hope she heals well and she hasnt cracked her hip thankyou so much remeber your talents rediscover your own inner beauty and keep seeing the wonderful in your days blessings to you in this time julie oz


Thanks Julie, Best of luck to you working to make your mare more comfortable with separation.


you will get your energy and joy back and i have a feeling you are going to enjoy this new journey just fine

Strawberry Lane

What courage you have ... and a wonderful attitude. Keeping your animals is great news! Old cars that are still running are keepers! With your former name, you will get back your former dreams. Good luck!

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