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A Point in Time at the New Farm: July / August 2012

RailingsBWhile I was busy Splitting 4 cord of wood (a borrowed splitter from a good friend) I received a letter from insurance company telling me I needed railings on my front step (and warning signs on my electric fence) or they would dump me in 90 days. I came home one day from work shortly thereafter and was shocked to find --RAILINGS on my front steps. I am surrounded by angels!

Picture 009B
Grandsons in the red neck spa! Yes there are 3 of them--one just happens to be upside down. Don't laugh at the idea-- fresh water left to set in the sun all day in July is a lovely bathe. Of course on this particular evening there wasn't much left for Grammy--but oh what fun!

33oldgA 003B
The stumps are not out yet after the harvesting but so much grass was growing I had to fence at least some of it in!

33oldgA 011B
33oldgA 015B
33oldgA 026B
33oldgA 024B
The excavation team has me on the list for stump removal before the big freeze. Then real pasture will be planted--and lots more fencing.

33oldgA 004B

I Have some moss to remove and shingles to bleach! I thought I was going to have to replace shingles because it leaked last winter--but I think maybe the leaking was due to the moss, and once it's scrubed off and bleached good it won't leak. I'll let you know.

Next up: Alternative roofing material, and 3 cases of scratches!



Strawberry Lane

Those photos show happy times are back, again! That is so terrific, You do have angels in your life!


We would like to link swap with you. Please add http://www.FarrierSecretsRevealed.com to yours and we will add you to ours. Many Thanks. Roger

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